Hennetec XL PhotoPrint overview

XL PhotoPrint

XL Photo Print plano
Image printed border-free on thick high quality photo paper.
XL Photo Print with printed border
Photo printed on thick high quality photo paper with white or coloured border.
XL Photo Print with frame
Photo printed thick high quality photo paper with the image completely to the frame's inner edge.
XL Photo Print with frame and printed border
Image printed on high quality photo paper with the motif printed with white or coloured distance to the frame.
XL Photo Print Ultimate
Image printed on high quality photo paper mounted with acid-free picture mount border around the picture. The best protection of the image in this exhibition finished version.
Frame samples etc.

About XL PhotoPrint

XL Photo Print is synonymous with high quality print on photo paper, also known as poster print with the best possible colors that are available with the latest technology. In order to achieve the best possibilities with your motifs, the best machines are being used.

XL photo print are made with quality and durability in mind. All XL prints:

  • are printed with 11 pigmented inks as well as gloss optimization lacquer, wich secure af gloss over the entire print.
  • are printed with 100% waterproof pigmented colours therefore, they can be cleaned with a soft cloth (nonabrasive).
  • are printed on thick 300 gsm photo paper with special anti-crease, so you can safely put XL photo prints directly behind the glass.
  • XL photo print with frame are produced with anti-glare front glass, wich result in minimal reflection.
  • XL Ultimate photo print are gallery framed with acid-free picture mount and plexiglass, which provides optimal protection against dust, dirt ect.

As XL PhotoPrint is fully tested in durability, there are a standard 10 year warranty on all types. The warranty also includes that there may not occur any visible color change by normal use (normal indoor use).

XL photo print are available in serverel varieties and in countless dimensions. Choose one of the above types for a detailed descreption or make an online testupload so you immediately can see the possibilities with your own digital photo.