Frame 20x20 cm square aluminium, wide brushed "champagne" - PhoEco 8982

PhoEco 8982 - regular glass
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Sturdy wide brushed aluminium frame in "champagne" color.
The front glass is regular glass.

The brushed metallic suface gives the frame an unique correlation with the lighting and other object in the room. When the lighting in the room varies, so does the appearance of the frame. For instance with sunlight, you can have a warm grey metal color in the morning and a cool steel looking frame by lunch.
The "champagne" color comes from the effect, that the frame has, when lit by sharp, warm light, such as the light coming from halogen bulbs. The warm light reflects in the brushed surface, creating an "living" pattern, which looks like the yellow bubbles in champagne.

The frame is supplied with a back easel, so it can both stand on a table and hang on the wall - and both ways can be done both vertically and horizontally.
Please notice, that all our specified measurements are metric if not otherwise noted. A slight modification to prints made in imperial sizes can be required.

This frame is suitable for square photos or passepartout border mat mounts in the size 20x20cm (the visible part will be 19 x 19cm). The frame profile overlap in front of the contents is approximately 5mm (1/4 inch) on each edge. The frame profile is 30 x 18mm.
Outer dimensions: 252 x 252 x 18mm.
More Information
Ramme MaterialeAluminium
Listedybde (cm)1,9
Liste bredde (cm)3
Synlig del af motiv (højde)19
Synlig del af motiv (bredde)19
Udvendig højde25
Udvendig bredde25
Maksimal indholdsdybde5mm
UV blokering48%
Frontglastype1 mm polystyren plexiglas
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