Decorating the apartment with travel photos - October 2014

Decorating the apartment with travel photos - October 2014.

Winner: Matias and Anne

Frame with picture mount border mat

My boyfriend and I met each other throught our studies in Urban Design in AAU. During our time at the university we have been on serveral study trips together, among these a big trip to Brazil and study trips respectively India (Anne) and Greenland (Matias) in connection with our thesises in the spring 2014.

We have both finished the degree and beginning to work and we decided to move to Aarhus in a great new apartment.

When we should furnish the apartment we decided to decorate the wall with photos from our study trips. Hereby we can create a personalized decor with wonderful memories from a lovely time of study.

The pictures of Matias in Greenland is hanging on the wall in a frame with picture mount border mat from Hennetec. We chose to get a relative wide picture mount that will orchestrate the motif and make the picture more dramatic.

Over our couch our own pictures of architecture from New York hangs and in our hall we are planning to have pictures from Rio de Janeiro and Amazonas while the pictures from India will be in the bedroom.

Our apartment will be decorated with our own "work" that brings back memories.