Embroideries in gold frame with border mat - may 2015

Embroideries in gold frame with border mat - May 2015.

Winner: Anne B. Sussi Simonsen

Embroidery in frame with border mat

My oldest son are getting married with the most beautiful and warm-hearted girl of Iran descent. It is going to be a Persian and a Danish wedding ceremony. Family and friends are invited and the brides parents are expected from Iran. We are going to meet them for the first time and we are excited.

"We must give them a present!" - I thought immediatly. But what should we give? Thousand of ideas popped up and I decided to bring in an old hobby - embroidery (a heart of roses)! A lovely symbol of love. After many hours and some good thoughts embroided into the small work it finally succeeded.

After a lot of searching I eventually found a small golden frame on the website "Hennetec". After a small correspondence and some very good service I could go to Lystrup and pick up the golden frame. My embroidery came in a perfect gold frame with border mat, 20x20cm. The gift are ready to be handed over at the meeting with the bride's parents. A nice little gift thay can carry in their suitcase on their way home to Iran. Hopefully as a beautiful memory of the wedding.

The pleasure of anticipation, warm-heartedness and the hope of new friendships - all in this gift - in a perfect frame! The icing on the cake!

Who knows maybe we will get a picture of the bridal couple, and of course it should be in a Hennetec frame ;-).