Her own gallery in an abandoned factory on Samsø - May 2015 - 2. place

Her own gallery in a factory on Samsø.

2nd place May: Christine Lohmann

30x40cm rammer med passepartout

The house we moved in 2013 are a part of of an abandoned factory, it was just closed down at the time we moved in. Peculiar and thoughtful to live that close a giant building, that through the years has oozed of life, productivity, noise and working people.

Everything is so big, heavy, brute and dumped.
Everything frome coffee cups to lifting gears comes up for auction and a late afternoon I return home I meet an echoing empty factory.
An empty courtyard, a riped hall and two workshops, even the machines, which were chiseled into the cement floor, is gone.
Also the pungent smell of iron is gone.
Strange..... fascinating and sad.

One of the following days where the sun is highest on the sky and the light so beautiful on a cold whinter day, I took my camera and explored the old workshop.

HERE is life!!

Here is delineations, shadows, small forgotten trivial thing and especially beautiful animals created by the years of abrasion of the walls, doors and the few iron items, that could not be removed. .

Each of them sits, stays and lies around. Calls for attention and tell their stories in the deafening silence..

A lot of the pictures that where taken that day was showed in my gallery..
The exhibition was well received.

HQ photo print framed with elegant border mat from Hennetec.