Decorating your home with your own photos - May 2014

Decorating your home with your own photos - May 2014.

Winner: Erik Engelsted

I have picked up my old interest in photography again. I have joined a photo club and after only 4 month of membership I was elected to the committee.

I have a number of pictures from my time as an amateur photographer, and I have already taken a few new that do not deserve just to be stowed away the drawer.

After my membership of the photo club I was aware of what a border mat is and especially what it can do to a picture.

A first I ordered a white border mat from Hennetec but later I found out all the other members used a black border mat.

Then I ordered some black border mats and realized how my pictures looked so much more elegant also how it enhanced the motifs.

The choice of white or black border mats are determined by the motifs and colours in the pictures.

After that, I decided to hang them on my wall and I ended up buying 25 black frames in wood with glass and I have created a small gallery in my 3 rooms and hallway

Now I just need some paying guest..........haha! Well, it will not happen, it is my privat home after all and it will stay the same.

But I am looking forward every day to see the beautiful result and I regret that I have not done it a long time ago.

Since the pictures are so beautiful it has become a passion and I will send out pictures to photo competitions both at home in Denmark and abroad.

We are 16 photographers who actually have an arrangement for a migrant exhibition. We were accredited to take photos for "48 Hours Nørrebro" festival.

Our photos will hopefully be exhibited in Copenhagens town hall and hopefully in a lot of other places in Denmark.

As a photographer we must leave our personal mark on the exhibition and I have already decided that my pictures will be in the stylish black border mat from Hennetec.