Framing of textile pictures including border mat mount - marts 2015

Framing of textile pictures including border mat mount.

Winner: Lise Jensen

HQ Fototryk i ramme med passepartout

In boarding school 27 years ago I learned how to work with textile pictures, and since then I have improved my techniques and made pictures when it has fitted into my daily life.

It is a hobby and my "work" never came to anything than a mountimg on a soft plate, which has been difficult to put up, otherwise it just ended up in the pile of tests.

Recently I gave away a picture. The recipient was pleased with the picture and she got it framed with picture mount - I was surprised by this result.

When I finished another picture, I looked into the possibilities on the internet and found Hennetec, which could fulfill my wishes for a frame.

I choosed a silver coloured aluminium frame with picture border mat mount - porcelain white/light warm with texture on front.

I received the frame 2 days later and placed the picture in the frame. I look at it every day and I am happy with my choice.

I was motivated to make more textile pictures, after I saw the effect of the framing - now there is more motifs ready on my work table and I am looking forward to begin my work and get more pictures up on the wall.

Thank you Hennetec for a nice website, good products/a wide range of options and a fast service.