Collage with mood pictures frome iPhone in square frame - June 2015

A collage with mood pictures frome iPhone in square frame - June 2015.

Winner: Lone Robertsen

Collage in 80x80cm frame

You take so many pictures in the daily life and on the holidays, that just get stored on your cell phone or the computer. You never print out the pictures and hang them up.

JI was confused what I should get my boyfriend on his birthday, but with inspiration frome a women's magazine I decided to make a collage of pictures of our shared memories. I selected the pictures and ordered online in 10x10cm at, a Australian website where you easily can uploade pictures, crop them and order them carriage-free. 

Afterwards I just needed a square frame in 80x80 or 100x100cm. It turned out to be a bigger challenge to find a frame in that size with plexiglass. I looked in The Grene Sisters, IKEA, BILKA, different webshops, but they did not have them anywhere. I almost gave up intill I came across I found just the right frame I needed: 80x80 cm in black with plexiglass. Also it was a big plus that I could take my car to the warehouse in Lystrup and pick up my frame an hour later and then save the carriage - quick and good service. So that I did.

Here is the result - I was feeling entirely contented. Now we have to find out where we can put it up :)

Many pictures in a frame