Erlings own drawings becomes art at a gallery.

Erlings own designs in a gallery.

2. place July 2015: Erling Aakjær

30x40cm rammer med passepartout

I am a 79 years old gentleman. In my old age I have brought up an old interest of mine. I have started to draw some pictures. The interest of drawing started when I was a soldier. I drew some pictures of my fellow soldiers girlfriends by their small worn out photographs.

I drew the pictures in A4 sizes and got 50 pence apiece. Not much, but just enough for tabacco. The salary was only 2,00 kr. each day. I was demobilised and got occupied with other stuff. Family and work took all my time, so I dropped my drawing.

A couple of years ago I bought a sketchpad and some accessories to start again. It turned into a lot of pictures, they was not all good, but practice make perfect. As time went by, I started posting them on Facebook. I got a lot of credit and one day, my son who is an owner of a gallery, asked me if I wanted to exhibit my work and I thought who wouldn't!

Usually the packaging helps to sell the produckt. I found the Hennetec website on my computer and so far I have ordered five frames in A3 and the matching picture mounts in A4 with holes. The sketches was even more beautiful and appears more clear and pure than what they where.

I will show the result on the attached photos. For your information, I have just ordered five more frames.