Keeping contact by exchanging photo projects - February 2015

Keeping contact by exchanging photo projects - February 2015

Winner: Anne-Mette Kelter Skovsgaard

HQ Photo print with frame and border mat mount.

My mother-in-law lives in USA and works as an artist. I am a freelance photographer here in Denmark.

Recently, a very late night she called and challenged me to a battle. She would choose a songtitle and against this backdrop we both have to take or make a picture to give to each other. Then we will have a memory and remember each other.

Her challenge was: Make a picture based on Bob Dylans songtext "It's All over now, Baby Blue".

Attached picture is my result of the challenge. The picture is printed on Hennetec HQ paper and I am suprised by the very high and excellent quality - for an affordable price.

Then the picture is framed and right now it is on the way across the Atlantic to my mother-in-law. I hope she will be happy with the result.

I am looking forward to give her my challenge and I know we will have each other in our memories when we look at our pictures.